16 Days of Action


Imagine a world where my wee girl never ever knew
That horrid sinking feeling of he is a threat to you
Imagine I had never said stay safe and walk in pairs
And she felt no fear nor notion that it isn’t safe out there

Imagine she had never felt nor known unwanted hands
Imagine that her journeys were not actual safety plans
Imagine she had never heard those threats disguised in words
Imagine just imagine or am I just being absurd

Imagine that her choice in clothes was solely based in taste
Not fear of violations or an all instrucive gaze
Imagine that the judgements passed were never felt by you
But felt by perpetrators doing what perpetrators do

Imagine my girl asked of me “Mam what do you do at work”
And I said I’m a cop I help folk when they’re hurt
In accidents or sometimes fights perhaps a theft or two
But darling fear you not because crime is no threat to you

Imagine she had never said “Mam he touched me there”
I told the teacher Mam the teacher didn’t care
Imagine that she didn’t know that she would take the blame
That when she broke the silence that she would bear the shame

Imagine that I didn’t have to check to view her phone
For those unwanted dick pics and the pleas of “Oh come on”
Imagine that I felt it safe to show her face online
That there were no threats from editors in every space and time

Imagine just how many girls how many other Mums
The changes to their stories and what harm could be undone
Imagine now the stories changed her honour is her own
Imagine freedom choice in life to come and go alone

Imagine that no stones were thrown
No cuts were felt or made
Imagine joy when girls were born
No dowries due nor paid

Imagine now a world where children were not sold as slaves
Where county lines and traffickers learned new ways to behave
Imagine now the children grown who still believe the lies
Manipulation grooming broken trust and broken ties

Imagine that with just one stroke their pain was wiped away
Imagine just imagine can we start that change today
Imagine just indulge me here I rewrote my book
Without the violations changed the journey this girl took