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Children and Young People

For a child or young person who has domestic abuse in their family it can be a very upsetting and confusing time. At Women’s Aid we have children and young people support workers who can support you through this very difficult time.

Please take some time to read through this page and it will help you understand more about domestic abuse and what Argyll and Bute Women’s Aid can do for the children and young people affected by it. If you are or have been affected by domestic abuse the most important thing to remember is IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

How can domestic abuse affect Children and Young People?

Children and Young People can be affected in many different ways by domestic abuse. Reactions and feelings that a child or young person may have are shown in the diagram

Everybody will have different feelings and different ways to cope with those feelings, there is no right or wrong way.

Children and Young People

Getting Help

You can speak to any of these organisations about what is going on and get more information. You don’t have to give them your name.

Children and Young People
0800 and 0808 numbers are free from all landlines and most mobiles.

Messages from Young People

Living with domestic abuse can be really difficult but children can get over it and go on to have happy lives. In this clip children talk about the other things that have helped them.