How Does Women’s Aid Support Women

How does Women’s Aid support women?

Women and children affected by domestic abuse can speak with a trained support worker. You can phone or email us and the women’s support workers will arrange a mutually suitable time and venue.

Our workers will listen to you and will not judge you and they will help you to explore your options and support any decision you make.

You can use our service as you need it, whether it be a one off chat or ongoing support. Even if you have left the service you can return at anytime if future problems arise.


Things that we can support you with include the following:

  • a free and confidential service
  • practical support
  • emotional support
  • advice and assistance on personal protection and safety
  • safe temporary accommodation
  • information on legal issues and financial issues
  • general advice and assistance with housing and
    homelessness in the following areas:
  1. Relationship Breakdown
  2. Rent Arrears
  3. Security of Tenure
  4. Homelessness

Within the areas of Housing marked 1 to 4, we can often pursue a case for you. We will discuss your options and can provide practical help with letters, forms or negotiate on your behalf. When assistance cannot be given, we can refer you to another local advice agency.

Also guidance can be given in; Housing Options, Mortgage Arrears, Repairs and Improvement Grants, Disrepair in Rented Housing, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit and Discrimination and Harassment.

Case work is preferably carried out face to face at our office, but alternative arrangements can be made.

 You have a right to live your life free from domestic abuse 


If you feel our service could help you, please contact us at:

We now have one number for all areas of Argyll and Bute: 01369 706636