What is Domestic Abuse?
Domestic Abuse is where one partner or ex partner controls and dominates the other and where there is a power imbalance within the relationship.
Children & Young People
For a child or young person who has domestic abuse in their family it can be a very upsetting and confusing time. At Women’s Aid we have children and young people support workers who can support you through this difficult time.
How do we support women?
Find out how Argyll & Bute Women's Aid supports women on a one off or ongoing basis
What we can do to support Children and Young People?
Even though we are called Women’s Aid we recognise that children and young people, both girls and boys, can also experience the effects of domestic abuse.

In need of support & information?

At Argyll & Bute Women’s Aid we provide free and confidential support to women and children who have been affected by domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse is a fundamental violation of human rights that crosses all social boundaries and is committed by all types of men from all walks of life. Domestic abuse can be physical, sexual, financial and/or emotional. Violence and rape is a crime, but among survivors of abuse it is commonly agreed that emotional abuse leaves the deepest wounds and is also the most difficult to see and understand. It is often domination by fear, hidden threats, isolation, humiliation, blame and the destruction of self-esteem.

If you want to talk in confidence with one of our support workers, please phone or Email us and we’ll arrange a mutually suitable time and location to meet.

Even if you do not want to meet with a support worker but you are looking for more information on domestic abuse for yourself or a friend we have a library of books, videos and training material for the public to borrow. The material in our library covers a wide variety of subjects including supporting women, helping women and children understand domestic abuse, training materials for professionals. being assertive and relaxation and stress.

Services We Provide


Women’s support workers can offer you practical and emotional support, give you advice and provide you with information on subjects such as personal safety, housing, benefits and legal issues. They provide this support on an outreach basis and within the refuge.


Children and young people’s support workers support children and young people in a range of different ways including offering help, advice and information specifically for them.


We have temporary accommodation for women and children who are affected by domestic abuse and need a safe, supportive place to stay, where they can get access to support and information.

REMEMBER: You have a right to live your life free from domestic abuse , regardless of your age, sexuality, class, race, culture, disability or religion